Journal of B. Goddard’s Missionary Labors in New Zealand and Australia during the years 1892, 1893, 1894, & 1895

Benj Goddard, son of Joshua Goddard & Ruth Williamson Goddard was born at Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England July 27, 1851.

Early in life he associated himself with the Wesleyan Methodist Church and at the age of fifteen passed an examination in Theology and was accepted as a Local preacher in one of the circuits. After ten years service an examination of the principles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints convinced him of the erroneous teachings of modern Christendom. After a careful reading of the Pearl of Gt. Price, Voice of Warning, O Spencer’s letters, Orson Pratt’s works, Winchester’s History of the Priesthood etc he fully realised that the primitive Gospel of Christ had been restored in the latter days.

Jan. 31st 1879 he emigrated to America and settled at Meadow, Millard County, Utah where he married M. A. Nield March 7th 1879. - May 8th 1879 was formally baptised a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by Bishop W. Price [page break] at Goshen. In Sep. 1880 he was ordained an Elder by Bishop A. A. Kimball at Kanosh, Millard County, Utah.

Four years later he was called as a Seventy and ordained and enrolled as a member of twenty first Quorum of Seventies. Sep. 17th 1884 - Pres. Seymour B. Young and Elder W. V. Black officiating.

Oct 9th 1891 he received a communication from President Wilford Woodruff requesting him to go to New Zealand and perform labors in the vineyard of the Lord. At that time he was a member of the firm of McElwee Pierce & Goddard and this call necessitated a trip to Texas from Salt Lake City in order to arrange business matters.

After closing up business affairs he returned to Salt Lake and commenced making preparations. A visit was paid to Millard County for the purpose of bidding good-bye to Mother and kindred.

On returning to Salt Lake City a farewell party was arranged by the authorities of [page break] the 21st Ward. By the last day of January every preparation had been made and the company of Elders were to leave on the morrow on which date commenced a detailed statement of his travels and labors.